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Dorian Winslow, President
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Dorian’s Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I exchange or return a product I received?

To exchange or return an item, please enclose your receipt and a note explaining what is wrong and how we can fix it, along with the item you are returning. Please send your return to:

PO Box 728
Pawling, NY 12564

We are happy to provide exchanges to ensure a better fit, or to replace items that do not live up to reasonable expectations. We do not charge to ship a replacement back to you. We do not provide shipping labels for returning product to us unless the product has a manufacturing defect. Size issues are not considered product defects.

Back Orders:

If we are unexpectedly out of stock in an item as a courtesy we will hold your order for up to two weeks and ship it complete when that item is back in stock. Or, if you would prefer we will ship your order immediately without the out of stock item. We do not back order items.

What is the best way to care for my Womanswork gloves?

Leather gloves:The best way to clean our leather gloves is with soap and cold (or cool) water. I usually put my hands under a faucet with the gloves on, and rub the palms with a bar of soap or a liquid soap designed for natural fibers.

If you want to clean the entire glove, not just the palms, you can submerge them in cool water with soap. Though they may lose some softness, they will not lose their flexibility. If they stiffen up a little, wear them to loosen them up. Your body temperature will do the trick.

After washing your gloves let them air dry slowly at room temperature. Do not put them in the sun or on a radiator because the leather will dry out.

Synthetic gloves: Machine wash in cool or cold water and air dry; or machine dry on a cool setting.

Where are Womanswork products made?

Our line of leather gloves is made in a small factory in Arkansas, which employs about 50 people. The factory is an important economic driver in the community and it has a small environmental footprint as our product is handmade on sewing machines. Being a maker of gloves is considered a skilled job, with each glove being made of 5 separate pieces, in some cases, that are sewn together (10 pieces per pair of gloves). More than a third of employees have been with the company for more than 20 years.

We also make products in China. On my visit to the factory in Nantung (near Shanghai) I confirmed that the conditions are pleasant and comfortable for the people working there. The factory manager is a woman and the atmosphere is congenial. In addition, the factory meets or exceeds all international norms for satisfactory working conditions.

Is my credit card information secure on your website?

Yes the Womanswork website is secure. Our site is protected by SSL encryption, which encrypts all information between our customers’ browser and our web server. After our customer enters credit card information it is sent encrypted to our gateway processor. We subscribe to a special service so that no credit card information is stored on our side of the transaction. Our processor assigns each transaction with a token number, so when the transaction is authorized initially (at the time of submitting the order), it is sent back to us as a token or ID#, with no detail about credit card info. When we go to finalize/capture the funds after shipping the product out, we send our processor only a token or ID# and they are able to unlock the information once it gets to their secure server and approve the transaction. The approval code comes back to us, but again no credit card info is shared.

Is Womanswork Really Woman Owned?

Womanswork is 100% woman owned by its president, Dorian Winslow. 

How do I measure my hand to determine the best glove size to order?

See the video below and then look at the dimensions posted on each product page on the "Sizing" tab.

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