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"Celebrating 35+ years as a woman owned business." About Us

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Celebrating 35+ years as a woman-owned business

The Womanswork Story: More than 35 years ago we introduced the first work glove on the market designed to fit a woman’s hands (not downsized from a man’s glove!) Since then we have been setting the standard for garden and work gloves for women.

Today our gloves and other products are used everywhere around the world where women are making a difference. Write and tell us your story.

Stamp of Approval

Most of the products on our website were designed exclusively for us by the women designers at Womanswork. Every product has been tested in our own gardens or workplace, so it has our personal stamp of approval.

strong women building a gentle world

Shortly after the company was founded our logo came into being, inspired by our customers! We were receiving letters from women who depend on their gloves as farmers, firefighters, horse women, beekeepers, globe trotting volunteers and ... gardeners! One customer wrote "in Paraguay I helped build 3 houses for Habitat for Humanity and my Womanswork gloves were a life and hand saver".

Garden Gloves Custom Fit for Women

At Womanswork we've been studying women's hands for more than 35 years! Our garden and work gloves are designed to be the best fitting, most comfortable, protective and, yes, stylish gloves on the market. We're passionate about it!

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