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Garden Wheels

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Spin the Wheel, Plan the Garden

When I started gardening back in the mid-1990's I invented The Garden Wheel planning system because I needed help organizing the information I was getting from various sources, including books. The Garden Wheel offers a garden primer for six different types of gardens, with plant photographs and bloom times, as well as definitions and gardening basics. Each wheel is brimming, front and back, with information. They are printed on weatherproof plastic with UV resistant inks, so you can take it out to the garden or garden center and not worry about wear and tear.

A Creative Tool

It's not just for novice gardeners. Gardeners of all levels use our Garden Wheels as a thought starter. With colorful photographs of featured plants, herbs and vegetables, you can spin the wheels and visualize hundreds of different plant combinations. One of our customers told us "I poured a cup of tea and curled up with my Garden Wheel one afternoon. It was fun."

Ruth Rogers Clausen

Early in the process we hired the acclaimed horticulturist and author Ruth Rogers Clausen to make all of our plant selections and write and edit the copy on each of the Garden Wheels. Every few years we update the information and release a new edition. Thank you Ruth!

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