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Heirloom Dreams I

In stock

Kathryn Freeman is a narrative painter who combines classical composition with magic realism. Freeman’s paintings and drawings have been exhibited in New York, London, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington DC. This painting is part of a series of small works called Gardeners' Dreams. Each one features a figure dreaming about her garden, and this painting is about a woman who has been starting her tomato seeds and takes a little nap. "She took a short nap and heirlooms drifted through the room."  Notice a pair of Womanswork arm saver gloves on the table in the left corner, and a tomato sandwich, which is the reward for her hard work, on the table in the right corner. Medium is oil on linen and the painting measures 11.5" X 16", not including the frame.

This painting is a perfect match with Heirloom Dreams II, also available on the Womanswork website.

Kathryn and her husband and 2 dogs and 3 cats live in The Berkshires in Massachusetts. For more information about Kathryn Freeman's work click here.

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