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Hori Hori Digger

In stock

Steel blade (7" long) with hardwood handle and clear plastic sheath. Multi purpose tool for weeding, sawing through roots and harvesting. See Details below for more information.

  • Cuts garden cord, harvests lettuce and other vegetables, weeds, saws through roots, can be used as a light duty hatchet, and measures depth in inches and centimeters for planting bulbs
  • Digs out deep rooted weeds
  • Made of high carbon chrome molybdenum steel known for its strength and corrosion resistance
  • Blade is 7" long by 1 3/4" wide, double riveted into a hardwood handle with hole for lanyard or hanging on a nail
  • Blade is 1/8" thick and slightly cupped for added strength against bending
  • Can be sharpened with grinding wheel or file
  • From an article in the NY Times: "A multipurpose tool that is perfect for weeding dandelions, onion grass and other stealthy intruders emerging from the middle of deadly planted beds. Also useful for prying weeds out of cracks between slates or sidewalk slabs, and for opening bags of mulch or grass seed. The serrated side can cut through tough root masses when you are dividing or transplanting."
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