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Meeting Martha Stewart

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Last week I visited Martha Stewart’s estate (aka ‘farm’) in Katonah, NY, just 30 minutes from where I live. My garden club had arranged a special tour by Martha’s head gardener, Ryan McCallister, and Martha herself was our host for tea on the terrace and a question-and-answer session in her vegetable garden.Shaking hands with Martha

I found her to be a friendly and hospitable host, and it was fun to see her gardens, her greenhouse and her collection of animals (dogs, horses and donkeys).  As a woman business owner, I admire her for the business and lifestyle she has created. I had a chance to thank her for the nice things she and her colleagues have said and written about Womanswork products over the years. Most recently Womanswork was named a Design Finalist in her American Made program.

Here are some images I took of her farm with my iphone.

A pretty border had allium and other perennials blooming.
An allee of Miss Kim Lilacs pruned as standards
The main house in the background
Martha standing on her back steps talking with us about her farm



Boxwood and Ginkgo garden Summer House
Inside the greenhouse, everything is organized as we would expect (at Martha’s)
Donkeys in their pen
Tree Peonies were in full bloom
Womanswork gift basket we presented as a thank you for hosting our group.


5 thoughts on “Meeting Martha Stewart

  1. Barbara Welsch says:

    Have you visited P. Allen Smith’s garden/farm? Your products are naturals for his fans.

  2. Hi Barbara, I have seen photos of his garden in magazines and on instagram, but never in person! It looks really beautiful. –Dorian

  3. Wow! It must have been a supreme experience to visit the house and garden of most women’s role model!
    What was the feeling to be there, chatting with her and exploring this heavenly place?

  4. Elaine Wade says:

    Curious about how they avoid grass clippings from flying into the flower beds. Do they use motorless lawn mower?
    I live in P.Allen Smith’s state of AR. Things are not always as they appear on the surface. His name is a big trigger for many.

    That’s all I’ll say and that I absolutely love this website.
    Thank you for sharing your experience to Martha’s farm.

  5. Lenna hall says:

    What a fun report, love Martha Stewart & Womanswork! Thank you- makes me appreciate my Miss Kim lilacs.

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