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Easy To Make Paper Ornaments Made From Gift Wrap

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A gift wrapped in artisanal paper and decorated with a handmade ornament is special. We ordered some of Kate Blairstone’s wrapping paper, made from her brilliant botanical designs, and wrapped a gift, then made an ornament for the top. Her papers come printed on both sides, so your ornament is reversible, perfect for this design. Click here to order Kate’s gift wrap.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on making this paper ornament, which can also be used as a holiday tree ornament. It’s so easy!

Womanswork sells pillow box-shaped Gift Boxes made exclusively for us to hold a pair of our gloves. So we felt inspired to decorate our Gift Box with a paper dahlia.  Here are step-by-step instructions on making this paper dahlia. We used plain paper in three shades of pink and red, shown here.  Order our Womanswork Arm Saver gloves here!

Womanswork Arm Saver gloves at The Shoppe in the Garden at The New York Botanical Garden.

2 thoughts on “Easy To Make Paper Ornaments Made From Gift Wrap

  1. selma e. morrow says:

    i bought a pair of gloves which were labeled The Weeder. The rough surface of the fingers appealed to me because, as a cook, i do a lot of dishes and need gloves that
    will grip the glassware, etc.
    imagine my disappointment when i realized that these perfect gloves were for a gardener, not for a cook.
    do you make gloves that are all roughened and waterproof so kitchen workers can also benefit from the workmanship.

  2. Selma, if these gloves work for you in the kitchen please use them. We primarily make products for gardeners, but many of our products can cross over into other areas. We’re glad you like them.

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