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Womanswork Garden Quiz: Test Your Garden Knowledge, Learn Some New Things

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Can you answer these 19 True/False and multiple choice questions? Most of the questions come from information in previous Curious Gardener newsletters. The answers are at the bottom of the page, but don’t peak.

1. Which one of the following is NOT a medicinal plant? (multiple choice)

a) Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort)

b) Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)

c) Arnica Montana

2. Which of the following activities are best done in Spring? (multiple choice; choose any that apply)

a) pruning spring flowering shrubs before they bloom

b) hardening off plants

c) dividing perennial plants

3. True/False: Hay is good for laying down on newly seeded lawns.

4. What does the phrase filler thriller spiller usually refer to? (multiple choice)

a) A grouping of shrubs that are planted together in a pleasing arrangement.

b) A container garden designed with a tall central plant (the thriller), plants around it (filler), and plants that spill over the edge of the container (spiller).

c) A floral arrangement with an exciting combination of flowers.

5. Which one of the following crops is a cool weather crop? (multiple choice)

a) Tomato

b) Cucumber

c) Peas

6. True or False: If you are picking blossoms from zucchini plants to put on your salad, pick mostly blossoms from male plants.

7. Which one of these propagation methods is considered ‘sexual’ propagation? (multiple choice)

a) dividing plants

b) starting plants from seed

c) taking cuttings from plants

8. A light frost can kill which one of the following herbs? (multiple choice)

a) Basil

b) Thyme

c) Tarragon

9. True or False: Pinching back young plants encourages branching and ultimately leads to more blossoms.

10. Which of the following plants are edible? (multiple choice; choose all that apply)

a) Nasturtium

b) Marigold

c) Calendula

11. True or False: Coriander seeds come from the cilantro plant

12. After seeds germinate, what is the most important thing to the health of the plant? (multiple choice; choose one)

a) darkness and warmth

b) light, water and air

c) fertilizer

13. Which of the following is a definition of herbaceous perennial?

a) a plant that is an herb

b) a shrub

c) a plant having little or no woody tissue that dies back in the winter and reemerges each spring

14. True or False: If you water your plants in the evenings from above you will be inviting deer to browse your plants that night.

15. The K in NPK stands for which one of the following (multiple choice)

a) Potassium

b) Phosphorus

c) Kale

16. Which two of the following plants are considered tender perennials but are treated like annuals in colder climates because they won’t survive the winters outdoors (multiple choice)

a) Lantana

b) Aster

c) Rosemary

17. After your daffodils finish blooming, what is the one best thing to do with them  (multiple choice)

a) cut off the leaves

b) keep the leaves as is

c) braid the leaves or tie them up to make them more tidy

18. True or False: As soon as you can work the ground in spring it’s ok to plant tomato and cucumber seedlings outdoors.

19. What company makes the best garden and work gloves for women? (multiple choice)

a) Womanswork!

b) Womanswork!

c) Womanswork!


Answers to the Quiz:


2. b and c.

3. False

4. b.

5. c.

6. True

7. b.

8. a.

9. True

10.  a, b and c

11. True

12. b.

13. c.

14. True

15. a.

16. a and c.

17. b.

18. False

19. a, b and c!




3 thoughts on “Womanswork Garden Quiz: Test Your Garden Knowledge, Learn Some New Things

  1. Judy Colyer says:

    Dog gone it!! I got 6 wrong…BUT I learned from each one. Fun quiz. Thanks

  2. Paula Doody says:

    I’m stunned – I got them all right. Now if only I could put all that knowledge into practice and get the gorgeous garden of my dreams ?? ?

  3. Annie Taylor Gray says:

    I got all but one!

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